Welcome to the Artist Gallery of Allison L. Norfleet Bruenger Collections. Creating jewelry with a sense of style and purpose is the vision. I design truly distinctive "One of a Kind" pieces that lift the spirits and inspires the soul.

I use a variety of materials to create these unique works of wearable art. From copper to silver, polymer clay to precious metal clay, Swarovski crystals to semi-precious stones. All of these materials alone are beautiful but when combined become exquisted works of adorment that you will be proud to wear and to call your own.

Allison L. Norfleet Bruenger Collections is definitely a  Work in ProgressI am always creating new works and developing new lines to give you a variety of works of art to choose from, and to show the world your sense of style. So take a look and see what’s inspires you. If you have a question about a particular piece, need a special item to be designed just for you, or have a comment or suggestion for me, or just want to say "Hi", please fill out the form on the Lets Keep in Touch page or email me at...

I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you soon.

God Blessss!
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